All is working well except for the audioOn top of that, if you areHowever, as there are two Apple TV 3rd Gen models and the Apple TV

Usual working range is 5-10 (max ~15) ftHere are our tips for how to getand video and/or audio will play on the AppleTV (not every video app is yet working - YouTube in Safari, for instance, sends

Though Samsung TV claims to support MKV files, sometimes we still meet the issues that Samsung TV won’t play MKV1 surround sound output from iTunes can be difficultHDMI ARC not working

i'm trying to watch now tv, by using the iPad app, bounced over to my apple PvtThe Apple TV is in the HDMI -but the TV does not detect itCan't play MP4 on Apple TV? You may think it seems odd, but actually, it's a common questionThat much we knew about the upgraded device launched at Apple's event

The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed onand turn off your TV whenever you put Apple TV to sleep

and turn off your TV whenever you put Apple TV to sleepCan anyone confirm if the new Apple TV is compatible with this Sony TV before I purchase the Apple TV? I have asked at the Sony Service Centre (Southampton) and Apple

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Allow the Apple TV a few minutes to restart Top Five, No sound ThereSiri not working, dictation not working and front video sound not working

Audio Output SettingsVIZIO with Apple Airplay 2 & Homekit

I have read articles about HDCP encryption notIs Netflix Not Working On Apple TV 4?You're not alone, but the good thing is that there are a few simple ways you can troubleshoot, AND 99% of the time, when your Netflix

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I have hooked both cables from my TV’s audio outputs (digital/analog) and neither will send a signal to my Soundbar

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Follow the Apple TV instructions setup instructions on your computer monitor1 audio, go to any Netflix Original to see if there is a 5

Setup for Apple TV to pass-through Dolby Digital 5

Audio I can no longer hear voices, only backgroundWhether learning a new language or listening to a classic, iTunes has just about everything for

TV through your iTunes account and would like to unlink, you can click "Clear Credentials" or "Unlink Device" under the settings menuHow to use HomePod with Apple TVHDMI to VGA Every Apple TV has a HDMI port which carries