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SEAT becomes a member of the Audi Brands Group, together with Audi itself and Lamborghini, as a result of the new Volkswagen Group organisation. Dr. Andreas Schleef is appointed new SEAT President. An agreement for labour competitiveness is implemented, favouring a younger average age workforce as well as higher qualifications. Prezident španielskej automobilky SEAT Andreas Schleef dnes pripustil možnosť, že do závodu v katalánskom Martorell sa vráti výroba 10 % produkcie modelu SEAT Ibiza, ktorá sa v roku 2002 presunula do Bratislavy. Download this stock image: (dpa) - Members of the board of Audi AG (from L) Jochen Heizmann, Rupert Stadler, Erich Schmitt, Andreas Schleef, Martin Winterkorn, Ralph Weyler und Horst Neumann stand around the new A6 model during a balance press conference in Ingolstadt, Germany, 25 February 2004. Audi Group1 KeyFigures 31 Dec. 2001 31 Dec. 2000 Change in % Production Cars 727,033 650,850 11.7 Engines 1,225,448 1,187,666 3.2 Vehicle sales Cars 991,444 919,621 7.8

Sep 09, 2003 · It is a completely innovative car concept and it will be the first SEAT product developed within the Audi Brand Group which was created in early 2002. During the presentation, SEAT president Dr. Andreas Schleef stressed the importance of this model, which heralds a new cycle within the company. Barcelona.- L'actual president de Seat, Andreas Schleef, ha comunicat avui dijous al Consell d'Aministració d'Audi AG i al Consell d'Administració de Seat que el proper 30 de setembre, dia del seu 63è aniversari, cessarà la seva activitat com a president de Seat. La filial de Volkswagen seguirá el modelo implantado en Audi durante la crisis del sector automovilístico en 1993, aseguró Schleef, aunque este plan durará de uno a dos años y no tendrá el ...

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With the help of Marshall Plan aid, Auto Union was formally re-founded in Ingolstadt in , ultimately evolving into the modern-era Audi company , after it was taken over by Volkswagen in The largest church is the Gothic hall church of Our Lady, which was begun in Also the churches of Saint Maurice and of the Gnadenthal and Franciscans ... ; Gener. 10000 les relacions. Accés més ràpid que el navegador! 2007 Sep 22, 2005 · The company’s chairman, Dr Andreas Schleef, told GoAuto in Frankfurt last week that the Spanish-based car-maker was concentrating on restructuring its European business before seeking new export markets. Seat cars were last sold in Australia in the mid-1990s but start-up costs and marketing issues dogged the brand.

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Amerikába készül a Seat? Keressen autóra ... SEAT se integra en el Grupo de Marcas de Audi, junto a la propia Audi y Lamborghini, dentro de la nueva organización del Grupo Volkswagen. Dr. Andreas Schleef es el nuevo presidente de SEAT. Se presenta en el Salón del Automóvil de París el nuevo Córdoba, añadimos un modelo familiar a nuestra gama actual.