Data Sheet 1FINITYT310 Transport Blade 10 GbE Client-Side Connectivity For Metro to Long-Haul Applications. The T310 transport blade supports all metro and some regional transport applications and configurations. Dispersion compensation . reach of up to 3000 km for DP-QPSK and 2300 km for DP-16QAM over standard SMF is supported. 8th-Order, Lowpass, Elliptic, Switched-Capacitor Filters _____ Maxim Integrated Products 1 VDD IN CLK OUT GND INPUT 0.1µF 0.1µF CLOCK SHDN OUTPUT VSUPPLY COM OS MAX7400 MAX7403 MAX7404 MAX7407 OS VDD OUT 1 2 8 7 CLK IN SHDN GND COM SO/DIP TOP VIEW 3 4 6 5 MAX7400 MAX7403 MAX7404 MAX7407 Typical Operating Circuit DESCRIPTION The RM6203 is a current mode PWM switching power supply controller that specifically designed for AC/DC converter with high performance versus cost ratio. It provides continuous output power up to 12W in the broad voltage range of 85V – 265V.Its optimized and highly reasonable circuit Notice The content of data sheet is subject to change without prior notice. In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that may occur in equipment using any SHARP Document Number: 335195-003 7th Generation Intel® Processor Families for S Platforms and Intel® Core™ X-Series Processor Family Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2 Supporting 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Families, Intel®

1300220077 OC 2P FP 21IN 2/2 W RD Miscellaneous OC77 Transistor Datasheet pdf, OC77 Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics

Siemens catalog page 75, datasheet, datasheet search, data sheet, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, semiconductors Hammond Mfg. Co. Ltd., Electronics Division 1627SEA SINGLE ENDED “CLASSIC” TUBE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER – ULTRA-LINEAR Over designed" for high fidelity, single ended, Class-A, tube output circuits (triode, tetrode or pentode tubes).

Features High Conversion Efficiency -Beginning of Life -End of life High state-of-the-art reliability Optimized operating temperature Hardened applications Versatile, High-performance Real-time Digital Oscilloscopes Dedicated to Rapid Design Analysis and Verification of Communications Signals Up To 2.5 Gb/s Rates (OC-48/STM-16 or Fibre Channel FC2125) The CSA7404B reduces product development time by providing one tool that spans circuit development and physical layer testing. Tube OC 44 or Röhre OC44 ID33607, Transistor, Wires and Frequency converter shown. Radio tubes are valves. 7404 datasheet, 7404 pdf, 7404 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, page 3 DM375-M156-72 PERC MONO CRYSTALLINE MODULE 6" / 360-375W 360 / 365 370 / 375 All modules are manufactured using TQC & SPC quality control systems

Does anyone know where to find the data sheet for EPOE items, like the stats that they enhance? ... (OC) 3.5k. 77 comments. share. save hide report. 3.3k. DextrolTM OC-60 Phosphate Ester Surfactant For Emulsion Polymerization and Waterborne Architectural Coatings Dextrol OC-60 surfactant is the free acid form of a tridecyl alcohol ethoxylated phosphate ester. It is an effective emulsifier in emulsion polymerization and provides the finished latex with low coagulum and improved handling and Table 1A : Normative Percent Student Credit Hours and Organized Class Sections Taught by Faculty Category within Course Level for Sep 10, 2018 · Reduction of THF solutions of 1‐Ln with potassium graphite in the presence of 2.2.2‐cryptand (crypt) yielded dark‐colored solutions, 2‐Ln, whose EPR spectra at 77 K are characteristic of the Ln II ions: a two‐line spectrum (g ∥ =1.99, g =1.97, A ave =154 G) for 2‐Y and an eight‐line spectrum (g ave =2.01 and A ave =291 G) for 2 ...

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The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The information given is designed only as a guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification. Note: some browsers hide scrollbars until you begin scrolling. If you don't see scrollbars on these panels, position your mouse over a panel and scroll with your mouse wheel. current Product Data Sheet, label and Safety Data Sheet which are available on request at [email protected] Nothing contained in any Sika materials relieves the user of the obligation to read and follow the warnings and instructions for each Sika product as Storage: -20oC~60oC oC oC 2 5oC± Float charging Voltage Recommended Maximum Charging Current Limit Equalization and Cycle Service Self Discharge Terminal Container Material Terminal F5/F12 A.B.S. (UL94-HB), Flammability resistance of UL94-V1 can be available upon request. Dimensions 13.6 to 8 VD C/unit Aver age t 25o 36A 14.6 to 14.8 VDC/unit ... LS TTL Data Formerly Titled “FAST and LS TTL Data” DL121/D Rev. 6, Jan–2000 Please Note: As ON Semiconductor has exited the FAST TTL business, all FAST data sheets have been removed from this publication. For further assistance, please contact your local ON Semiconductor representative. SCILLC, 2000 Previous Edition 1992 Technical Data Sheet Conical Tubes 25 mL, screw cap English (EN) Technical Data SheetConical Tubes 25 mL, screw capseeon p.p.TFig.ab.English (EN)Technical Data Sheet Ø 29.8 11.5 Ø 28.3 77.2 16 12.8 78.5 Ø 34.7 B-B B B Dimensions are in millimeters

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• Microchip products meet the specification cont ained in their particular Microchip Data Sheet. • Microchip believes that its family of products is one of the mo st secure families of its kind on the market today, when used i n the intended manner and under normal conditions. Table 1A : Normative Percent Student Credit Hours and Organized Class Sections Taught by Faculty Category within Course Level for PRODUCT DATASHEET Florentina series last update 17/7/2017 ... - 77% 1050 60 C 300 cd/klm co - 800 1200 1600 ... go.oc 1600 1400 1200 1000 90.00 67.50 cd/klm As a result of continuous technological innovation, product optimization, GCL reserves the right to adjust the information in the parameter file at any time without prior notice.