If you are not a current BASF customer, they will be able to provide you with an SDS. CLICK HERE for a link to a searchable directory of safety data sheets. Enter product name in the BASF product name field. 24 Hour Emergency Response Information: CHEMTREC at 1-800-424-9300 BASF HOTLINE at 1-800-832-HELP Fire Extinguishing Foam concentrate KV-LITE CLASS A FOAM CONCENTRATE, 0.1-1.0% Mixture of Hydrocarbon surfactants, fluoro surfactants & solvents MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Remove patient from hazard area, keep patient calm & warm. Provide fresh air.Refer this Material Safety Data Sheet while giving medical treatment. Xi R 36 CONCENTRATION %

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Polymeric Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate (MDI) – ISO Page 2 of 11 6/16/06 3010 W. Lincoln Street, Phoenix Arizona 85009 800-BUY-UCSC (800-289-8272) Toll Free 602-269-9115 Fax [email protected] Email www.buyucsc.com SECTION 3 - HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION EMERGENCY OVERVIEW Product Description SILV-EX® Plus is a low, medium, and high expansion, Class A foam concentrate designed specifically for use on Class A fuel fires including wood, paper, coal and rubber. This formulation provides extremely good cold weather performance.

The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The information given is designed only as a guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, MSDS NUMBER: 710190 ***** The information contained in this Material Safety Data Sheet is furnished without warranty, expressed or implied, except that it is accurate to the best knowledge of Milliken Chemical. The data on this sheet are related only to the specific material designated herein. Appropriate Extinguishing Media: Use water fog, foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide (CO2) to extinguish flames. Inappropriate Extinguishing Media: Straight streams of water FIRE FIGHTING Fire Fighting Instructions: Evacuate area. Prevent run-off from fire control or dilution from entering streams, sewers or drinking water supply. U.S. Foam 3% AFFF is a synthetic fire fighting foam concentrate designed for use on non-polar, hydrocarbon hazards when proportioned with water and applied with conventional foam or water/fog equipment. U.S. Foam 3% AFFF provides excellent control and extinguishment of Class B fires by spreading a vapor-sealing film over the liquid fuel. Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS ID NO.: ... Class B fire extinguishing media such as CO2, dry chemical, foam (AFFF/ATC) or water spray can be used. For large fires ... Material Safety Data Sheets for Solberg RE-HEALING™, ARCTIC™ and FIRE-BRAKE™ foam concentrates are available upon request. Please utilize the CONTACT FORM or call the Solberg factory office for the region you are located in and a representative of the company will assist you.SILV-EX concentrate is designed specifically for use on Class A fuel fires including wood, paper, coal and rubber. SILV-EX foam gives the fire fighter: extinguishment capabilities, exposure protection, and increased safety. Although designed for Class A fires, SILV-EX foam can be effective on some Class B flam-mable liquid fires when applied ...

given in the data sheet must be observed.Containers of this material may be hazardous when emptied. Since emptied containers retain product residues (vapor, liquid, and/or solid), all hazard precautions given in the data sheet must be observed. Storage Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area. 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Exposure ... The information and statements in this Material Safety Data Sheet are believed to accurately reflect the scientific evidence used in making the hazard determination, but is not to be construed as a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility. Additional information may be necessary or desirable depending on Phos-Chek WD881 Class A Foam Since 1963, firefighters around the world have relied on Phos-Chek fire chemicals to help them fight fire. Elite firefighters rely on Phos-Chek WD881 Class A foam concentrate to significantly enhance water's effectiveness. Class A foam makes water more effective by reflecting heat, insulating fuel, increasing

Material Safety Data Sheet WINDEX GLASS CLEANER (RTU) MSDS Serial Range: 2-3 Section 16. Other Information Other Special Considerations Notice to Reader This document has been prepared using data from sources considered technically reliable. It does not constitute a warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained ... Urethane Coatings P/L Cleaning Solvent Material Safety Data Sheet Page 5 of 6 Fire/Explosion Hazard Fire/Explos. Hazards Highly flammable liquid. Keep containers cool with water spray. Fire fighters to wear self-contained breathing apparatus if risk of exposure to vapour or products of combustion. EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Foam, carbon dioxide, or dry MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SILV-EX Plus Product Code: 1020-2-030 ANa Issue Date: 07-31-2010 1. Product and Company Identification Material name SILV-EX Plus Version # 01 Revision date 07-31-2010Classified as a Class 8 Dangerous Good. Dangerous Goods of Class 8 Corrosives are incompatible in a placard load with any of the following: - Class 1, Class 4.3, Class 5, Class 6, if the Class 6 dangerous goods are cyanides and the Class 8 dangerous goods are acids and Class 7. Store away from acids. U.N. Number: 1823 : UN proper shipping name Safety Data Sheet This safety data sheet complies with the requirements of: 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard ( 29CFR 1910.1200) Product name SILV-EX PLUS Class A Fire Control Foam Concentrate 1. Identification Product name SILV-EX PLUS Class A Fire Control Foam Concentrate Product code 434467 Synonyms None Chemical Family No information ...HASA MURIATIC ACID Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS No. 110 Major Update: 08/01/01 Minor Revision: 08/01/02 Page 2 of 4 HEALTH HAZARDS Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Eyes and skin burns.

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Use foam, water fog or water spray. Water fog and spray are effective in cooling containers and adjacent structures. However, water can cause frothing and/or may not extinguish the fire. Water can be used to cool the external walls of vessels to prevent excessive pressure, ignition or explosion. Extinguishing media::: Do not use water jet.

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This Material Safety Data Sheet was prepared in compliance with Commission Directive 2001/58/EC, 67/548/EEC and 88/379/EEC as well as their relevant amendments, on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relative to the classification, packaging and labeling of dangerous substances and preparations. Date: 11-8-2006 The Clorox Company 1221 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 Tel. (510) 271-7000 Material Safety Data Sheet I Product: ULTRA CLOROX REGULAR BLEACH Description: CLEAR, LIGHT YELLOW LIQUID WITH A CHLORINE ODOR Other Designations Distributor Emergency Telephone Nos. Laundry Bleach Clorox Sales Company 1221 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ANSUL 3% FLUOROPROTEIN FOAM CONCENTRATE Product Code: 1050-3-001 SBg Issue Date: 10-07-2011 1. Product and Company Identification Material name ANSUL 3% FLUOROPROTEIN FOAM CONCENTRATE